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An organisation is a collaboration system

At the core of every organisation lies its ‘collaboration system,’ a network subtly yet powerfully shaped by values that influence structures, decision-making, and communication. Despite their impact, these values often remain undiscussed and overlooked in organisational conversations, leading to prevalent struggles with detrimental structures, cultures, and collaboration issues, along with their consequential gaps and meta-problems. It’s a pervasive issue, yet are we addressing the right problems?
AMMERSE emerges not just as a toolbox but as a comprehensive ally, adeptly crafted to navigate and resolve these underlying collaborative issues, providing a complete organisational tool to discuss and address the most pivotal problems in the collaborative system. Whether facilitating an agile transition or optimizing your system to its fullest potential, AMMERSE stands ready to guide your organization towards seamless, value-driven collaboration

Welcome to ammerse

Values are the driving force behind every successful business. They shape decisions, influence behaviours, and, ultimately, determine the trajectory of your organisation. Our mission is to provide a set of values that businesses can adopt to foster a culture of synergy, growth, and success.

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The seven values

  • Agile (A) – Encouraging adaptability and quick response to change.
  • Minimal (Mi) – Advocating for simplicity and efficiency in all operations.
  • Maintainable (M) – Prioritizing solutions that are easy to sustain and improve.
  • Environmental (E) – Promoting awareness and consideration of environmental impact.
  • Reachable (R) – Setting achievable goals within time and budget constraints.
  • Solvable (S) – Focusing on effective problem-solving strategies.
  • Extensible (Ex) – Designing for the future with adaptable and scalable solutions.


Adopting the AMMERSE Values provide your business with a common language to communicate and reason about tasks. This approach allows you to:

  • Create alignment for decision-makers.
  • Understand trade-offs and synergies within your organisation.
  • Create a strategy, vision, and measurable targets.
  • Foster a culture that aligns individual and organisational values.
  • Drive purposeful behaviour and decision-making.
  • Reduce processology, dependence on cultish methods and snake oil roles.
  • Aids autonomous teams to align with strategy

Lesson 1

Discovering Yourself with AMMERSE

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Level 1

7 Principles: Agile, Minimal, Maintainable, Environmental, Reachable, Solvable, Extensible.

Level 2

The AMMERSE Set has weights assigned to 7 Principles. eg. “Enterprise Strategy”.

Level 3

AMMERSE Sets in a grouping that work together for a purpose. eg. Modes.

Level 3.1

You can extend AMMERSE by creating your own Sets and Frameworks.

Our goal is to enable business strategy, implementation and the reaching of objectives by giving you the tools to design your own methods. 

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