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Capability Maturity Model Integration is a process level system where it guides improvements for processes across the business.

There are 5 maturity levels that show the maturity of your processes from 1 being "Initial" (poorly controlled) to level 5 called "Optimizing" (you are focusing on improvements).

As a value-driven alternative

AMMERSE does not think about the maturity of processes in the same way, but it can easily be mapped onto your AMMERSE values in a easy method. This can provide you with the benefits of CMMI but with a simpler language.

The image shows, shows how AMMERSE values fit against the CMMI model. Note that the AMMERSE method is not a complete alternative, but merely a means of achieving similar ways of thinking about risk, requirements, training, processes in an alternative and more basic value-oriented way.

The AMMERSE Maturity Index

The Maturity Index is a view of maturity from a value perspective using the AMMERSE Sets to design four levels, 1,2.3 and 3,1.

The levels describe the values one places on things at these levels. For example, level 1 has Reachable and Solvable which are the foremost values at this level. Processes or Products tend to look at what solutions can be reached in a short time or budget. This doesn't have values like maintainability but only reqaching the solving solution.

You can use the Maturity Index to describe software, code, feaures, processes and even business.


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Level 1

7 Principles: Agile, Minimal, Maintainable, Environmental, Reachable, Solvable, Extensible.

Level 2

The AMMERSE Set has weights assigned to 7 Principles. eg. “Enterprise Strategy”.

Level 3

AMMERSE Sets in a grouping that work together for a purpose. eg. Modes.

Level 3.1

You can extend AMMERSE by creating your own Sets and Frameworks.

Our goal is to enable business strategy, implementation and the reaching of objectives by giving you the tools to design your own methods. 

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