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Balanced Scorecard

When looking at Financial, Customer, Internal process and Learning you are automatically faced with the complexities of values and outcomes.

An AMMERSE Set drastically improves the conversations of each perspective by giving you the seven fundamental system values.

By specifying and reasoning about the AMMERSE principles, your alignment of strategy can become a little clearer.


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Level 1

7 Principles: Agile, Minimal, Maintainable, Environmental, Reachable, Solvable, Extensible.

Level 2

The AMMERSE Set has weights assigned to 7 Principles. eg. “Enterprise Strategy”.

Level 3

AMMERSE Sets in a grouping that work together for a purpose. eg. Modes.

Level 3.1

You can extend AMMERSE by creating your own Sets and Frameworks.

Our goal is to enable business strategy, implementation and the reaching of objectives by giving you the tools to design your own methods. 

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