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Small Business

A small business may look at this and think that AMMERSE is too complicated but not see the most fundamental and simple help it can provide. This short usecase shows how very little you require to get some amazing benefits from AMMERSE.

AMMERSE has been designed with a small core, and then concentric circles of understanding (like an onion) is added. Let us get to the core and how it helps a small business.

Find your why

All you need to know is this:

Simon Sinek says "Find your why".

AMMERSE says the same thing, but from the perspective of values. Finding what you value the most is critical.

  • Reason about the seven values and what they mean to you

A business has to solve a worthwhile problem and it has to create a saleable solution.

  • Identify your Reach (capability)
  • Find the problems that need solving
  • Solve the problem

Promote your values

Use your values as your guide

  • Be authentic
  • Align your products and people to your values

As you grow, you can promote your values.

An AMMERSE Set is simply the seven values with a number to indicate how important it is.

Business Models to operations

You can build a business around 2 or more values.

For example you can create a garden furniture business with a focus on extensibility. What does this mean?

The market is saturated with cheap and expensive goods and you would like to enter the market. You need a key differentiator. The Extensibility value is about have a product that can be extended, snap-ons, adaptors and so on. Your business could design a key mechanism for changing umbrella sizes and fabrics easily, hinges on chairs to turn them into benches, tables that can be joined together easily with another.

We would write an AMMERSE Set like this:

A(0) Mi(0), M(1), E(1), R(1), S(1), Ex(1)

This states that your business values maintainability of the furniture, reaching and solving typical problems in its environment and solving with extensibility features.

If your competitor is going cheaper and more colours. They may look like this:

A(1) Mi(0), M(0), E(0), R(1), S(1), Ex(0)

In direct comparison, you can easily see how you should market your product.

Now you can aid staff in making correct decisions as they use your value system in everyday decisions. One of the key limitations of a small business is the founder. The more a founder is needed, especially day to day, the less the business can scale. The priority should therefore be to have staff mirror your values and learn to make decisions in keeping with your vision and mission statements. AMMERSE is a tool to help you do that.


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Level 1

7 Principles: Agile, Minimal, Maintainable, Environmental, Reachable, Solvable, Extensible.

Level 2

The AMMERSE Set has weights assigned to 7 Principles. eg. “Enterprise Strategy”.

Level 3

AMMERSE Sets in a grouping that work together for a purpose. eg. Modes.

Level 3.1

You can extend AMMERSE by creating your own Sets and Frameworks.

Our goal is to enable business strategy, implementation and the reaching of objectives by giving you the tools to design your own methods. 

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